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SumUp Partners with JCB to Boost Card Acceptance

A Beginner's Guide to SumUp's Collaboration with JCB for Enhanced Card Acceptance

Section 1: Introduction

In this blog post, we’ll explore how SumUp has teamed up with JCB to help businesses accept more cards.

By joining forces, SumUp, a top payment service provider, and JCB, a global payment brand, offer merchants the ability to expand their card acceptance options.

Let’s discover the details of this exciting partnership and how it can benefit businesses.

SumUp and JCB Working Together

SumUp and JCB have joined hands to make accepting JCB cards easier for merchants.

They have integrated JCB’s payment network with SumUp‘s reliable payment infrastructure, simplifying JCB card transactions for businesses.

This collaboration brings more payment options to merchants, leading to increased sales and happier customers.

 Benefits of Accepting JCB Cards

Accepting JCB cards comes with several advantages.

JCB’s global presence means merchants can tap into a wide customer base, including international travelers and JCB cardholders.

This opens up new opportunities for business growth and boosts revenue potential.

Additionally, JCB’s strong focus on security and innovation ensures a trusted and convenient payment experience for both merchants and customers.

Easy Integration with SumUp

Integrating JCB card acceptance with SumUp’s payment system is seamless and hassle-free.

Merchants can easily add JCB as an accepted payment option within their SumUp account.

This smooth integration makes the checkout process simple, reducing any friction and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

 Getting Started Made Simple

Getting started with JCB card acceptance through SumUp is a breeze.

Existing SumUp merchants can activate JCB card acceptance in their account settings.

New merchants can sign up for a SumUp account and select JCB card acceptance as part of their payment solution.

SumUp provides step-by-step guidance and support, even for businesses new to card acceptance.

 Benefits Beyond Accepting Cards

The partnership between SumUp and JCB goes beyond accepting cards.

It reflects their commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions.

As technology evolves, SumUp and JCB will continue to collaborate, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers.


SumUp’s partnership with JCB marks a significant milestone in expanding card acceptance for businesses.

By integrating JCB’s payment network with SumUp’s infrastructure, merchants can accept more cards and provide a seamless payment experience.

Accepting JCB cards brings opportunities with international customers and offers various benefits, such as increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

The partnership between SumUp and JCB demonstrates their dedication to empowering businesses and advancing the payment landscape.

Embrace this opportunity to enhance your card acceptance capabilities and stay ahead in the evolving world of payments.

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